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Clash Royale

What’s up guys, I am bringing up a brand new game on beta right now and available only in Canada and Australia. After I’ve been playing for a week I’m very addicted, this is a new game by Supercell. You guys probably heard of its called Clash Royal(Get free clash royale diamonds). I’m going to show you how it works. It is super addicting do not start playing this game unless you’re going to spend money. I already dropped 20 bucks I can easily drop $100 in this game like no time.

I played so many hours so this is going to be going live worldwide, super cell only put out good games. They’ve actually had a couple of concept games but they didn’t have anything good enough to bring out in the App Store. So they waited and now they are just releasing this for the first time.  They released games like clash of clans, boom beach and hay day (cheats here) now you’ve got Clash Royale; it’s going to look familiar to you because it has a lot of the same characters. This is my Battle Deck and you go into an arena you fight somebody live. It’s not like clash of clans where you’re fighting somebody and you’re just attacking their base. Here you are actually fighting in real time live against somebody else.

You have a battle deck with eight cards and for each card you can get Giants here which are goblins, this is what a knight looks like, and he’s the cousin to the barbarians, a lot of stuff we are going to look. There is a whole lot of interesting stuff you guys have never seen; there are three types of cards, the blue, orange and purples. These cards can be easy to get or rare depending upon the colour.

Here is one more video for another Supercell game Boom Beach:


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